Market feasibility

We help businesses understand the foreign market they are about to enter and identify the potential customer base for their products or services. We also check whether the market in question is compatible to your home market.

Resources and staff estimation

It is imperative to ensure that businesses have sufficient resources and staff for both expansion and their established business. We do just that! We come up with an estimate of the size of the workforce and resources they need and tally that with their current size of workforce and available resources.

Company formation

Once they are ready to take a plunge, we help them set up the company. Different countries have different laws and time periods – eg. In Poland it takes less than 3 weeks whereas in UAE it may take up to 4 weeks.

Tax brackets and compliance issues

Each country has its own laws and compliance standards and we help you untangle the seemingly complex web of compliance and tax. Depending on the nature of the business, there are licenses and permissions to be obtained from the local and sometimes even federal government. We provide businesses with comprehensive information on these two subjects.

HR solutions

Not only do businesses need employees who are fully immersed in the local environment but they need to be sure that their new team will be looking out of r their interests in the new market. We have an in-house recruitment agency in Poland and we work with our head-hunters in other countries who find the best-possible team for our clients.

Identify and acquire target market

To build a solid platform in the new territory, businesses must identify their target customers and they must be well defined. Depending on their products or services, we help them first define, then identify and finally acquire the market.