About BG Capital

With own and partner offices in Poland, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), India and several different countries across the world, BG Capital is continuing to grow and looking for individuals to help us in our goal. We are arguably one of the fastest growing enterprises in the business and investment services in Poland, UAE and India. Our team of experts have more than fifteen years of experience in international business and investment covering a wide variety of sectors ranging from finance to oil & gas and from media & entertainment to FMCG. We’re working with government and non-government organizations on projects which not only focus on developing business but also bring sustainable development to local communities. We’re committed to turn millions of dreams into reality.

Saikat Basu

Serial Entrepreneur / Founder BG Group

Rewarding service quality

Not only do we understand and meet our clients’ needs, we take it a few steps further by fulfilling them with unparallel meticulousness whilst being economically competitive all the time.

Tailor-made solutions

As we understand clients’ needs, we go out of our way to mould solutions so that they’re completely satisfied.

Personal touch

Our clients are always pleasantly taken aback when they experience the care we give and the effort we put in on an individual level.


There have been several times when we advised our clients to go for investment opportunities which brought us lower profits but they were more suitable to them than the ones which could’ve garnered us higher profits.

Updated information

We have and always will keep ourselves and our clients up to date with all changes taking place around the world which may affect their investments.

Future trends or challenges

As we constantly keep a close eye on the dynamic investment climate and the factors that influence it, we can identify trends or even challenges in the foreseeable future.